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Welcome to EE9

Eledit 9, the latest Electronic Edition of the Works of P.R. Sarkar, is an application that you can download and install on your computer or mobile phone.

Windows, Mac and Android versions are already available. An iPhone versions will become available in the near future.

New content and features

EE9 now contains almost 1500 discourses in 142 books, including the recent titles Yoga Sa'dhana', An Outline of Prout, Who Is the Real Guru, and Subha's'ita Sam'graha Part 5.

A few more books are currently being prepared for inclusion, and will be automatically downloaded into EE9 when they will become available.

Another new feature of EE9 is a searchable Sanskrit dictionary. It contains over 140,000 words and uses Roman Samskrta for display and search.

EE9 also contains a new search function capable of word, phrase, wildcard and proximity search. You can also save searches for later quick access to the list of matching results.

Download and try

You can download a free version of EE9 and see for yourself how everything works.

The free version contains only the first few words of the various documents and discourses, to show how everything works. (For purchasing the full version with the complete set of all the books and discourses, see below.)

Here are links to download the Windows, Mac and Android versions:


Click here to download EE9 for Windows (~20 MB)


How to uninstall EE9 from a Windows machine



Click here to download EE9 for MacOS (~30 MB)


How to uninstall EE from a Mac machine



Click here to download EE9 for Android (~3 MB)




Status: under development

The iPhone version is under development and it will appear in Apple's App Store when available.

Buy EE9 now

iPhone version

Become an EE9 distributor

You can become an EE9 distributor and sell EE9 licenses in Ananda Marga units, during retreats, at lectures and public events, etc.

For more information contact support@eledit.net

Frequently Asked Questions

What's new and different in EE9 compared to the EE7 CDs?

Was there a version 8?

Yes, but it was never published.

EE8 was designed as an online-based system not only for reading/searching but also as a translation platform. Eventually EE8 development was discontinued and replaced by the EE9 app-based model.

A set of translation tools are currently under development and will become available to P.R. Sarkar translators as EE9 software extensions.

How do I register my copy with my license code?

On Android, there's a blue box in the home page of the app, copy and paste the license number there.

On macOS and Windows, open the first tab (EE9 Home) at the first page (Electronic Edition 9), and then copy and paste your license number in the blue box, as in this screenshot:

I didn't receive my EE9 license code after purchase

Sometimes people don't see the email that we sent with their license code, because our email has been put into the Spam folder by Hotmail or Gmail or other similar email systems.

This happens sometimes when receiving an email for the first time from a new address, so if you're expecting an email with the code, and it's not arriving yet, check your spam folder as well.

And of course, feel free to write us for help at support@eledit.net at any time.

Can I install EE9 on multiple devices?

The standard version of EE9 allows you to install it on up to 5 different devices running Windows, MacOS and Android. iOS is currently not supported.

Limited editions of EE9 whose license code starts with "I1" allow a single installation on a single device.

NOTE: we will always help you install EE9 on all the devices that you personally use, now and in the future, but giving your personal license code to others is a violation of the license agreement and will result in immediate and permanent cancellation of the license.

Can I install EE9 on Amazon Kindle?

Recent versions of Kindle Fire which run on Android might be able to run the Android version of EE9.

The only way to find out whether a particular Kindle device can run EE9 is to try it directly.

The steps, in principle, are:

  1. Download the EE9 for Android installation file. The Android download link is here in this page.
  2. In the Kindle settings, give permission to install apps from external sources. (by default it only allows apps from Amazon)
  3. Install the EE9 app on your Kindle and use it as on any Android device.

Here is an article with more details:


For more information, google "how to install Android apps on Kindle"

How do I upgrade to the latest Mac Version?

How do I upgrade to the latest Windows Version?

How do I upgrade to the latest Android Version?

Can I run EE9 un Linux?

Currently there is no native Linux version of EE9, but one can run the Windows version of EE9 on a Linux machine using the wine virtual machine or similar software like PlayOnLinux or Bottles.

Here are some YouTube videos on the subject.

Here are some Google search results on the subject.


If you have questions or require technical help contact support@eledit.net

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